Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition (wowthatisminty) wrote in vaginapagina,
Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition

Nausea/Vomiting around Period Time?

Checked both the nausea tags and the menstruation tags, found nothing.

I have noticed, in the past few months, a few days of nausea a week or so before the onset of my period. I have been menstruating for fourteen years and have been fairly regular (apart from a point in college where I didn't get it for like three months). I know that uterine contractions associated with menstruation can induce bowel pain/diarrhea, but this nausea thing is new to me. I thought it was my terrible eating habits, but I'm never nauseated otherwise. The nausea isn't pain-related and does not coincide with cramps. I used to get bad cramps for a while before my period and I don't anymore. While this is a relief from the pain, I've gotten a few "surprise" periods in the past year. I do track my cycle but, while it is regular, it doesn't always come EXACTLY on the date. Does anyone else get this?

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