miss_heni (miss_heni) wrote in vaginapagina,

Left BC pills at home - can anyone advise, esp. in the UK?

So, I'm working away from home, halfway across the country, for two and a half weeks and I stupidly forgot to bring my next pack of HBC pills (Yasmin). I have enough until Wednesday, and then it's the start of what should be my pill-free week, and I should re-start taking the Thursday afterwards. Didn't bring that spare pack with me, and I won't be home until the following Tuesday, so that's five pills I'll be missing if I don't figure something out.

I know that if I go home I'll have to use condoms for seven days after the day I get back. I'd really rather not to have to do that (although I'd even more rather not get pregnant right now, so). But it's my partner's birthday that week, and there'll be a fair bit of going out and partying, and I'd rather not mess my contraception up and have to worry about it, and neither I nor my partner really like condoms anyway.

I wondered whether it would be fine to get my partner to post up my next pack - but not sure if that's even legal, or whether it would get confiscated in the post or something? Or failing that, whether if I go to an NHS walk-in type facility while I'm here and explain the situation, whether they'll be able to write me a prescription for a spare pack? Otherwise, condoms it is :-(

Any advice appreciated!

ETA: Oh, dammit, I've just searched and there's actually not an NHS walk-in in the area where I'm staying. Sexual health clinics? Pharmacies?
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