Ana Gabrielle (seishukuhime) wrote in vaginapagina,
Ana Gabrielle

I keep messing up...

I had previously posted about having accidentally taken the last pill in my pack first.  I had decided to keep taking the pills from the beginning.  A few minutes ago, at around 12:25am, I remembered that I had forgotten to take my pill at 8:00pm.  I thought it was weird that the pack was on Thursday instead of Friday, so I took both pills at once, thinking that I had forgotten yesterday's pill.  But I hadn't forgotten to take it yesterday, because I was missing one from the end.  I accidentally took tomorrow's pill!  D'oh!  Since the timing is so off, I don't even know what this means or what I should do.  Should I just play it safe and use protection until I've taken my pills consistently for 7 days?
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