Charlotte "Sasha" Brooks (sasseebuttrfly) wrote in vaginapagina,
Charlotte "Sasha" Brooks

PCOS, IIH and Hashimotos???

Okay, I am going to make this quick because I am headed to bed, but I am nearly 8 months post partum and I have IIH (treated with 50 g Topamax 2 x a day and Diamox 250 2 x a day) PCOS (treated with Metformin 500 HCL 1 x a day) and am about to get the Mirena installed, but in the mean time I've been having a combination of Hypo and HYPER thyroid symtoms. I'm asking my GP to run my thyroid levels next week

I wrote this not too long ago:

have to do things in KGS ( I live in the Netherlands and dont quite remember how to translate over to LBS) but my story goes a bit like this: I weighed 89 kgs prior to getting pregnant and post pregnancy I was back down to 92 kgs (almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight!) but then it started increasing.. I went back to visit my parents and came back at 99 in the beginning of December and was then 106 in the first of January. As far as to weight gain I eat 1800 calories a day, eat healthy and regularly, and excersize 30 minutes 5- 6 times a week.. Including being on Topamax and breastfeeding full time...I should NOT be gaining!! At least I could hold steady;....

Other symptoms include: dry skin, major hairloss, boils in vaginal region and in my legs, what feels like arthritis in my hands, battling PPD (maybe I am? I'm not sure?) no libido whatsoever. Other things of note I can be out in below freezing temps with only a sweatshirt and NEVER feel the cold, and then once I get inside have my hands tingling and hurting like they should have been freezing but never feeling it.. And sometimes having to have my heat up to nearly 80 just to stay warm! and tons of sweatshirts.. Nothing computes to me...

My Endo calls me today and gives me the results that glucose, testosterone, etc all "normal"but that my thyroid was a bit high... But he can't help me...

I was seriously hoping he was going to call and say you are Hypo - here are some meds so at least I've tried something... Doctors here make me feel like I'm going mental and they do not want to help...

Thyroid levels last were: Free T4 was 13.9 Ranges are 10.0 and 24.0 pmol/l and for the TSH was 0.162 and the ranges are 0.400 to 4.00 mu/l

Someone has suggested to me to have the antibodies run because it sounds to them like Hashimotos...

My question is: Does anyone else have IIH, PCOS and Hashis?? Or does someone with better google fu than I know links where there medical cases I can link it to? My neuro thinks my Hypthalamus might be damaged, but I'm now thinking differently....
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