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Can follicular cysts cause pain?

Hey VPers!

I have a question.

About a month and a half ago, I had an ultrasound by my gyno. I have endometriosis and had a laparoscopy August 2011 where an endometrioma cyst was taken off my left ovary.

Well, anyway, a month and a half ago, my gyno saw a cyst on my right ovary this time but said it looked like a small regular/follicular cyst to him and that it wasn't anything to worry about.

But I've been having some pain around my right ovary area. Not really pain, but like little stabs here and there and only like a few times a day or sometimes not even that often and it only started a couple days ago. If it gets any worse, I will be making a call to see him again for another ultrasound, but what I'm wondering is if follicular cysts can cause pain? I read online that follicular cysts rarely cause pain? Has anyone here had follicular cysts and did they cause you pain (and what about during your menstrual cycle as well)? How large can they get? I'm on Camila right now which I read could cause follicular cysts, BUT -- this follicular cyst that he saw on the ultrasound was BEFORE I started taking the Camila. But since then I've had two periods with the cyst and it feels like it's still there, and doesn't a follicular cyst go away after a few cycles? What if it doesn't?

Thank you!
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