loveybugy (loveybugy) wrote in vaginapagina,

So much anxiety over this!

Okay, first, I'm going to start with some background:

-I am 22, have been in a 2 year monogomous relationship
-when I was 18, I was told I had "abnormal cervical cells of undetermined significance" that were "most likely related to HPV" but I was never diagnosed with HPV and in 2009 and 2010 had normal paps. In 2011, I didn't get one b/c my doc said every two years was fine (
- Since last June, when I went off BC, I've been experiencing slight bleeding during/after sex, mainly when my BF penetrates too deeply and hits my cervix. I went for my annual in June 2011 and my doctor said "don't worry about it." It kept happening and I was concerned so I went again in October 2011 and was diagnosed with BV and told the bleeding was "nothing to worry about" again.

Well, it's still happening occasionally, and I'm still worried, especially since I noticed small white spots on my mons pubis. They are barely rasied, and there is only about 5 of them. You can barely notice them unless you really look and only when I first shave, but I am concerned they might be warts. When I went to get checked out in 2011, they were there and my doctor didn't say anything looked abnormal. They do not look like any medical pictures I have ever seen of genital warts or match the descriptions I've read... Can anybody who has experienced genital warts please tell me what they looked like to them? I am going to the doctor on April 3rd again, but I am driving myself crazy.

Also, last night, after sex my BF and I noticed that he had a small cut on his shaft that was bleeding. My BF has white raised bumps on his shaft, which he told me he had since before he started having sex. I dismissed them as harmless, since I know some men have harmless bumps on their penis. But now I am concerned they may be warts since he was bleeding last night. It looked like a scab had gotten ripped off. He said it was really weird and never experienced anything like that.

I haven't been with anybody but my boyfriend since 2010, and my pap smear came back normal in 2010. I haven't gotten another pap smear yet, I'm due this June, but is it possible that this could be warts? I've also wondered if the bleeding during sex was from warts on my cervix, but I've been checked 2 times, so wouldn't a doctor notice warts on the cervix if I came in concerned about bleeding after sex?

I am debating on whether to ask my BF to go get checked. I have an appointment in a couple weeks where I am going to bring up these issues, but I was hoping for some advice/or stories. Thanks in advance!
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