heartsasmagnets (heartsasmagnets) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stacking HBC

I'm on Reclipsen (21 active + 7 inactive) and have been for almost 6 months. For the first 3 months - my "periods" were light and AWESOME. Starting month 4, they have been pretty much back to what they were before, only maybe one or two days shorter, but still fairly heavy. 

SO, I want to stack my HBC and not have a period at all (at least for you know, maybe 3 months at a time) - what a mess! What a hassle! What a hindrance to my sex life!

I've read a little bit about stacking here and in associated links, but is there anything you feel I need to know before I do this?

My only concern will be that I will not have a "period" as a presumed indicator of non-pregnancy. For those of you that stack, do you just test periodically. Like every two months or something? (Woo Dollar Store?!)

Any thoughts about stacking would be appreciated!
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