princessmange (princessmange) wrote in vaginapagina,

yeast infection continued again

So I'm not sure if its a yeast infection still...

there's no itching or burning (unless i put in monistat which im on day 2 of)

there's no discharge.

there's no nasty smell. in fact it smells a bit like bread.

i just keep getting this thick moldyish white crap inside my vag lips and around my hole and stuff.

Is that still considered a yeast infection?

ALSO- Before I knew I had a problem down there, my fiance gave me oral sex, and now we think he got a little infection on his tongue.. lol

is that normal? and any tips on how to treat it? he says its been hurting him since sunday.

sorry for all the posts! i'm just worried about what i'm dealing with!
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