Grace (gncurrier) wrote in vaginapagina,

LELO reviews

Looking into my second vibrator- how's the LELO Mia? College student living in parent's house, so I need discretion, and I probably don't need much. I just wanted to get some reviews before spending all the $. Is is quiet/good quality/does it last a long time/ is it "good?"

EDIT: I want something bullet style, not for penetration, that will last (the one I had before died in 3 months, it was a cheap birthday present). I like the LELO b/c of the rechargable battery.

EDIT the second: Mia is $40 on amazon, I don't want to pay more than that. I'm lioking for something for clit stimulation, not penetration, and I've nevr had sex, and my first toy was only bought for me this year, so I'm kinda new to this!
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