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How I finally kicked my chronic yeast infection with a holistic approach.

Hey Superstars,
I posted way back in February about how I was battling a VERY persistent yeast infection (srsly, 7 months of pure torture). I didn't even realize chronic yeast was a thing until I had it, and it made my life bloody miserable. I gained 20 pounds since it started, I began getting really bad acne (which I never even had when I was in my teens), had terrible insomnia, and battled severe depression and anxiety...candida overgrowth is pure hell.
I tried EVERYTHING on the market for YIs: a ton of Diflucan, Monistat, various prescription strength antifungals, yogurt/probiotics, you name it. I wouldn't even wish this malady on my own worst enemy, but I have some pointers for ladies who have this same problem.
Here's what worked for me personally. Your mileage may vary, but these are the supplements that I am currently taking, and have helped me tremendously in eliminating YIs from my system.

1) Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I take three rather large tablespoons a day (with water) and apply it externally 3-4 times a day. There are tons of different brands out there and you can get it pretty much anywhere. I absolutely love this stuff and use it on my skin/hair too. :)

2) Garlic capsules. Kind of a given, but they're a must.

3) Grapefruit Seed Extract. I've been taking 125 mg 3x a day.

4) Candida Clear by NOW Foods. This stuff is AMAZING. It's got caprylic acid, pau d'arco, black walnut, and oregano oil in it, all of which are helpful at combating candida.

5) Molybdenum. This is supposed to be good for getting rid of toxins produced by candida as it dies off.

6) Milk Thistle. Also good for getting rid of toxins.

7) A very high dosage of probiotics. I take Ultimate Flora Critical Care (found in refrigerated section of organic grocery stores).
(To be mentioned: I also found a delicious carbonated drink at my local organic grocery store that has 4 different strains of live cultures AND apple cider vinegar in it. It's called KeVita and it's an awesome alternative to soda if you're a soda drinker like me.)

I also had to make a few lifestyle modifications to make my VJ happy again. Organic leafy greens have now become a staple in my diet: kale, lettuce, spinach, etc...I never even realized how good kale is until I tried it! While I thought being on a more restricted diet meant less choices, I found that it actually allowed me to be more creative with my food. Kale chips, curried spinach & onion, raw salads w/ my own homemade dressing (turns out olive oil, lemon juice and garlic are actually amazing together), and yeast-free naan (which was way easier than I thought it would be).

Also, don't use any soap down there. I just rinse w/ cool to tepid (NOT hot) water daily, then blowdry w/ a blowdryer on cool and wear loose-fitting cotton undies washed in hot water.

Since I have started this regimen earlier this month, I have had no more itching, discharge, acne, or insomnia. The weight is coming off since I've started working out again, and I'm finally starting to feel like a normal human being again. I think the reason my candida got so out of hand was because I let it wait too long; it was just festering in my system and my diet/lifestyle was only feeding it more. Lesson learned: do not let your YI go untreated! I know that sometimes they go away on their own accord, but sometimes leaving it can make your life miserable. Love your VJ, and it will love you back. :)

I hope this proves to be helpful to anyone suffering through this horrible thing...I now know firsthand how awful yeast can be after having a 7-month itch. Don't lose hope!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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