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So, you're going to think I am going insane but I want to get a hymenectomy even though nothing is wrong with my hymen.

I am a virgin at 22, and really don't feel comfortable with it. I haven't really went to a gyno exam until now because I feel embarrassed so I thought I'd ask if you know whether they can do the procedure if I just ask for it. I know it's probably not normal but it's gotten to the point where it affects my intimacy and relationships with other people and I am actually afraid of having sex because it would reveal that I am a virgin. The other thing is I also have a mean dysmenorrhea which although has nothing to do with my hymen makes me think that if the pain of having my hymen ruptured through sex is anything like that I will never get it done. 

What do you think? Thank you in advance...

** Thank you so much guys for all your answers! You were very helpful. I think I'll hold off on requesting the surgery and might just wait for the right time to get rid of that hymen :)
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