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LH and FSH Levels

Hi everyone!

So I've suddenly had some menstrual and hair shed issues after years of regular, nice cycles. (23 years old) So my OBGYN wanted to do tests for possible PCOS and/or Hypothyroidism and most of the hormones came back great (Androgens, Free Testosterone, DHEAS and some other male/female hormones). Prolactin was slightly high and they want to do a re-test later this week as I was SO nervous for the needle I almost passed out. (Apparently prolactin rises under acute stress).

My one concern is the LH and FSH. My LH was 7.1 and my FSH was 3.0. My doctor was not concerned at all. Yet I've read that a sign of PCOS is when the LH is higher than FSH, but I think I made a mistake of when I went to the lab. I went exactly a week or so before my period started and I'm reading that FSH and even perhaps LH should be compared and taken on cycle day 3, is that true?

Also, my TSH level came back at 4.0. I'm kind of confused because my doctor said it was fine, but I know some doctors find anything above 3.0 for TSH as being hypothyroid. My Free T4 came back excellent at 1.44 so I'm kind of torn what to think?!

I've been having an increase hair shed and 4 slightly longer cycles (37-40days) mixed in between with my regular cycles (30-34 days) in the past 11 or so months.

Any advice/experience is so greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
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