Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie

Mega Magical Meta Monday: Letters to Our Younger Bodies

Greetings, superstars!

Welcome to Mega Magical Meta Monday! Every Monday you'll see a guest post, a giveaway, or other special maintainer-curated content. We hope this will enrich your VP experience, and help to diversify and enrich our discussions.

This week, we really enjoyed reading Anytime Yoga's "Letter to My Younger Body".

In it, frolicnaked writes to her 10-year-old self and concludes:

"Maybe most importantly, however, there is nothing wrong with your voice. Your voice is just right. Use it. When you discover something you’d like to say, find a way to say it.

Not everyone will listen — their ears belong to them, after all — but some people will be waiting for this. Their ears belong to them, after all."

In that spirit, on this Mega Magical Meta Monday we'd like to invite you all to write your own "letter to your younger body" in the comments. Write a little or a lot--it's up to you.
Tags: featured-posts, mmmmonday
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