Jesy (draiochta_faol) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bumps on cervix

Bit of background ~ cis- gendered female, sexually active, monogamous relationship, not on any form of HBC

I'm on day 2 of my period and I was soaking in the tub to help with cramps. Usually during the later half of my bleed, I tend to poke around my cervix w/ a clean finger and check what it feels like/scoop out any clots. This time around I was feeling around in there tonight, just to see how differently it felt. I felt 2 lumps on my cervix. They were small and seemed close to the opening of my cervix. A quick google search says nabothian cysts or polyps. I was just wondering what y'all may think it might be.

FTR, I do plan on calling my OB/GYN tomorrow. Also, the last pap I had was mid Feb. of 2011 and it cam back normal.
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