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Mirena and Depo Provera at the same time

Hello everyone,

tl;dr has anyone tried provera while they had a mirena in place?

First of all I have endometriosis. To treat this I have a mirena, and I have had it for almost 2 years. It has worked to reduce my flow to about nothing, however I still have pain every day.

Right now I am away at school, and cannot see my regular gyn whose opinion I respect greatly. Here, I see this male gyn who obviously isn't exactly all that knowledgeable about endo, which I understand. This is a small island, and there are very few gyns here, and it takes weeks to get in to see any of them. I waited four weeks to get in to see this one, and now I feel let home because I was sent home to essentially choose between depo provera or depot lupron, and to decide when I'm ready for a hysterectomy (I'm 24, never been pregnant...not ready to even think about this even though I know I will have to eventually).

My question is, has anyone had deop provera and the mirena at the same time? How was it? I am very reluctant to remove my mirena, and I am even more reluctant to try provera. At the same time, I will do pretty much anything to get my life back! In the back of my mind I am thinking that more hormones won't help at all... I know I have adhesions on my right ovary, I have pain from scar tissue, how much of this pain is from endo and how much is from other things I honestly don't know. I probably need another surgery, but I am not ready to go in that direction just yet. They say a week to recover, but I take much longer no matter how fast they are in and out.

I also have been thinking what it was like when I had no hormonal bc at all. Yeah I had pain, but the week directly after my period was completely pain free. Sometimes I feel like I could deal with 20 days of pain for 7 pain free ones, but I guess every option I take right now is a gamble, and I am not ready to get pregnant (though it wouldn't be so bad if I did... but I have a geographical problem atm).

I know there is an endo group, but this one seems to get more responses, which is why its here.
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