Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in vaginapagina,

Questions about HBC

Let me preface this by saying that I am on HBC to try and regulate my cycle and hopefully aid in ovulating when I come off of it. I wouldn't normally be so lax with my birth control (or rather, I might, which is why I don't use HBC for pregnancy prevention). We're going to officially start TTC again in September, but if it happens before then we'd be thrilled.

I think I may have posted about my confusion over my cycles once or twice before, but I have some new questions. For those of you who are on HBC, or have used HBC in the past:

1-- How different is your HBC cycle from your regular cycle? My flow has gotten so light. I literally could've gone without a pad this month and I can't use even light tampons. I don't recall very clearly, but in the past my cycles, whether progesterone-induced or natural, were always super-heavy. But they were also almost always 3-4 mo. apart. I think when I was on HBC 15 years ago, and bleeding every month, they were still fairly heavy.

2-- How regular is the 'start day' of your cycle? I've been on it since November and my start day has been very stable at Day 6 of my placebo week, sometimes with a teeny bit of very light brown spotting a day or two beforehand (Friday; I'm a Sunday starter). It usually lasts until Sunday or Monday (though I discovered last month that it will go a day or two longer if I don't start my HBC on time). This month, however, I started bleeding, really bleeding-- darkish red-brown, on Day 4 of my placebo week, bled very little over the day, spotted very lightly the next two days, and then am just barely spotting today (Day 7, start my next pack tomorrow), really just enough to slightly tinge my discharge brown.

3-- How is your sex drive? Mine is pretty low during my active pills, but it absolutely shoots through the roof during my placebo days, more so than when I was not on HBC (and not ovulating either; I was anovulatory and amenorrheic). That weeks reminds me some of being on Clomid. And I get so emotional. I actually cried myself to sleep last night because I thought my husband didn't want to make love (yet I knew deep down he'd totally jump at the chance, he just wasn't picking up on my cues and I can't always ask outright, or I think my cues are glaringly obvious and that he's saying no). It's very rare that I ever have such a reaction, and I knew while it was happening that it was ridiculous, but I couldn't stop it.

This lack of flow is scaring me. I'm starting to worry that it might point to (even more) fertility issues. And this was just such a weird cycle otherwise. I'm thinking it might be attributable to the fact that I started my pack 3-4 days late and then missed and then doubled up on my pill quite a few times this month. I'm surprised it started early, though, you'd think it'd start late. And I didn't have any spotting with the missed pills, which is really odd for me.

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