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Links round-up: Week ending March 10, 2012

Welcome to our new weekly links round-up. This is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers.
As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter. 

This week's round-up includes: On Passing, Overcompensating, and Disability; If You Don’t Respect Sluts, You Don’t Respect Women; Heart disease drug 'combats racism'; students of color are punished more than white students; Kony 2012: Invisible Children and Visible Racism; Sex education linked to delay in first sex; OTC hormonal birth control?

  1. On Passing, Overcompensating, and Disability at Journeys with Autism (Keywords: disability, autism, Asperger's, overcompensation)
    I overcompensated wildly to do all the thing that “normal” people are supposed to do, and now that I’ve done them, I’m told that I must be “normal.”
    I realize now that those who say such things don’t simply misunderstand autism. They misunderstand disability. They are wholly unaware of the amount of overcompensation we must do just to keep up with a world made for able-bodied people.

  2. If You Don’t Respect Sluts, You Don’t Respect Women at Charlie Glickman (Keywords: US, sex, health care)
    I don’t care how much sex anyone has, how often they do it, or who they do it with. I’m much more interested in the consent, pleasure, and well-being of the participants and the people affected by it.

  3. Heart disease drug 'combats racism' at The Telegraph (Keywords: UK, racism, medication, ethics)
    Volunteers given the beta-blocker, used to treat chest pains and lower heart rates, scored lower on a standard psychological test of "implicit" racist attitudes.

  4. Minority students are punished more than whites, US reports. Is it racism? at Christian Science Monitor (Keywords: US, racism, education, school)
    the Civil Rights Data Collection said black and Hispanic students make up 70 percent of students referred by school officials to law enforcement. It also gave run-downs of suspension data in some of the nation's largest school districts, most of which told a similar story to Wake County, N.C., where whites make up 57 percent of the population and received 25 percent of suspensions, while blacks make up 24 percent of the student body and received 57 percent of suspensions.

  5. Kony 2012: Invisible Children and Visible Racism at Trinicenter (Keywords: Uganda, Kony, Invisible Children, war crimes, racism, imperialism, colonialism)
    While Kony may very well be bad, he is by no means the worst of the bunch to be named the Worst War Criminal in the world. There seems to be racism in how war criminals are identified and inscribed in the global consciousness. For all the abuses and war crimes of Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Bush (x2), Clinton, and all those multi-national companies such as Halliburton, Monsanto etc, — they will never be seen as in the same negative light as African abusers whose crimes pale in comparison to some of those mentioned above.
  6. See also: How Invisible Children's Kony 2012 Will Hurt - And How You Can Help - Central Africa at Huffington Post

  7. Sex education linked to delay in first sex at Guttmacher Institute (Keywords: US, sex ed, abstinence, contraceptives)
    Respondents who had received instruction on both abstinence and birth control were older at first sex than their peers who had received no formal instruction and were more likely to have used condoms or other contraceptives at first sex; they also had healthier [ED: whatever that means...] partnerships.

  8. Fight Birth-Control Battle Over the Counter at Bloomberg (Via Amy W.) (Keywords: US, health care, hormonal birth control)
    Partly because birth-control pills are available only by prescription, people tend to think they’re more dangerous and less well understood than they actually are. In fact, “more is known about the safety of oral contraceptives than has been known about any other drug in the history of medicine,” declared an editorial in the American Journal of Public Health back in 1993. That editorial accompanied an article arguing for over-the-counter sales.

What have you been reading (or writing!) this week?

If you'd like to see an article included in next week's round-up, send me an e-mail at also_warriors@vaginapagina.com . Non-US and positive links are especially appreciated. (I can't fit all the awesome links people send, but I'll try to post any that I don't include to Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.) You can also just take matters into your own hands and post in the comments!
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