thelibraryofsex (thelibraryofsex) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bartholin Cyst?

Hello fellow VPers! 

I have a question regarding a little bump on my inner labia. It is about the size of a pea, I can feel it on both sides of the lip and it feels like a little ball. It is not flat, doesn't appear white like a blister (but there is a little dot of white under the skin on the bump), and it does hurt (to walk, sit in certain positions but it doesn't hurt to pee) and kind of itches a bit but not a great deal. There is only one of them and it's not on the edge of the labia but more further in. 

Does this sound like a cyst? If so, how can I help it not hurt so much? I have included a photo. I can make it bigger if needed. 

Thank you for your responses in advanced! 

edit: Wanted to add that I believe I've gotten this before I ever became sexually active but I wanted to double check as my mind tends to panic from time to time. I've had two sexual partners and have had condomless sex with both but both have said to have never had an STI. 

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