One of these late model children (talklikelions) wrote in vaginapagina,
One of these late model children

kidney pain, once again.

Hey guys...I posted about a week ago about the pain I was having in my lower back/lower abdomen, vomiting etc. I went to the dr and they said it was a UTI and gave me antibiotics. Problem is, it's been 6 days since I started taking the antibiotics and the pain is almost worse than it was last week. I'm really constipated now as well and woke up coughing a lot.

I haven't taken my temperature but my family and friends are telling me to go to the ER...I'm scared to go to the ER though, especially since I've missed 3 days of work in the past week due to all of this. I'm afraid if I miss any more they'll fire me.

Do you guys think it's 100% necessary to go, should I wait until the morning and see, or should I give it the other 4 days for the meds to apparently work?

Note: I am not proud of this but I've been drinking a LOT this week. I know that's not exactly helpful with the pain and all but I kind of self medicate when things are going on (an entirely different problem that yes, I am working on...eating disorder and depression history, I'm not very good to my body) and my parents have been out of town leaving me with their house, which is freaky and adding to my stress. So, yes that plays into why I'm afraid of going to the ER- I'm really scared they'll tell me I'm dead from drinking or judge me for this, and I can't deal with judgement over this right now)

So yeah I'm freaked, I'm scared of getting fired if I don't go into work or need the ER, I'm scared of judgement, I'm also scared it's going to be something worse than a kidney infection or something and that there's more going on.

Advice and help, in other words. Not asking for help diagnosing, I know it's some sort of Kidney/UTI thing, but advice would be great. =/
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