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Terrible night sweats going on four nights now...

Hi VPers!  I'm 29 years old, never been on HBC, never been pregnant, and I feel pretty good...but I'm getting a little concerned over here. Occasionally, I'll get a night sweat (waking up in the middle of the night/earrrly in the morning drenched in sweat) in the day or two before my period.  This happens two or three times a year and I've been told it's no big deal...just hormones. This past cycle, though, things got a little crazy. For one thing, my cycle had been at 24-25 days for a long time, with a 13 day luteal phase (I chart my cycles using my basal body temp. and cervical mucus, when I have some!!). This cycle, though, went for 27 days (not that unusual for me--the same thing happened last year around this time).  What's odd is that my luteal phase was 17 days long. I never suspected pregnancy because my temperatures were going down, but I definitely suspected something hormonal was going on (obviously).  At any rate, I woke up drenched in sweat on Monday night. I figured it just meant my period was almost here and shrugged it off. But then it happened Tuesday night. My period started on Wednesday morning, and on Wednesday night, I again woke up drenched in sweat.  The same thing happened last night. I'm still bleeding, and it's as heavy as usual, though there are more clots, I think.  I feel FINE otherwise, but it's getting really disconcerting to wake up soaking wet and shivering every night.  I have to change pajamas and dry out before I can go back to sleep.  The sweat is literally dripping down my back/off my face.

I know I need to go to the doctor and probably get some hormone tests done, but I thought maybe you all could help me out.  Has this ever happened to anyone else before?  I'm pretty sure I'm too young for menopause, and I have no other symptoms of menopause, so I'm guessing this might be some sort of imbalance.  The only real change I've made is that over the past few months, I've been trying to transition to a mostly whole foods diet.  I've also been eating a lot less meat, drinking more water, and generally being more healthy. I'm not necessarily scared...just unnerved. And tired of waking up wet. Any ideas?? Experiences??
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