Erin (engravers) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI? :[

Hi everyone :) So my boyfriend and I just had sex. Wow this post is already interesting! Haha. I have a diaphragm which we used. He did finish inside of me. Then he whipped out the Hitachi magic wand. O. M. G. Never felt anything like it. Definitely recommend that if anyone was wondering! Obviously that finished me off pretty quickly. I tried to pee after but I could not. That's when we discovered that I'd finished. I'm pretty new at sex, this is our first time using the diaphragm, so I'm wondering how to prevent a UTI, especially because there's the spermicide to think about. And I'm also wondering if it's possible that I actually peed instead. I went pee maybe a half hour before we actually had sex and there was a pretty good amount of whatever it was on the bed. Ahh! I'm scared :( any help you all can offer is greatly appreciated!

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