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I don't know what's going on with my cycle!

Hi Everyone,

 I am 25 years old, and this is my third cycle off hormonal birth control.  Before that, I was on birth control pills for over seven years.

Basically, I got sick of the hormones completely ruining my sex drive, and I thought that they might be making me gain weight, too.  My fiance and I talked it over, and I decided to get a copper IUD (Paragard).

I had it inserted on December 27th, which was the first day of my withdrawal bleed from my final pill pack.  Since then, I have had two periods.  I believe that I ovulated on January 10 (based on the signs that I always get, even way before birth control - an extreme increase in sex drive, and very specific cramping).  My belief that I was ovulating was also in line with what my practitioner said during my IUD checkup (I went in because I was worried because I thought the strings felt wrong, and I also turned out to have BV) - she noticed ovulation discharge in addition to the BV discharge, and said that my cervix was positioned for ovulation.  Anyway, my period then  started on January 21 (although I did have a few days of spotting before that, so I am counting from the day that I first saw red blood). 

I then ovulated again on February 4th, again indicated by the sex drive and cramping.  My period started on February 16th (with a couple of days of spotting before that), and although it might have been slightly lighter than the first one, I still had plenty of red blood and I saturated regular pads for two days (I've always had fairly light periods, and I've never used 'heavy' pads).

I went for another IUD checkup (they had asked me to come back in two or three months after insertion) on February 25, and the practitioner said that the IUD appeared to be in proper position, and that I looked like I would be ovulating soon.  That wasn't a surprise to me, since I expected to ovulate on around the 28th or 29th.  Also of note, the practitioner was noticeably ill and coughing (seems silly to mention now, but it makes sense later).

Anyway, I woke up on the 28th with a scratchy throat and slight cough, and that continued on until the 2nd, which is when I began to feel worse.  It progressed, and I developed a fever on the night of the 4th, but since then, I seem to have been getting better, other than a remaining stuffy nose and slight cough.

Soooo...I never experienced the increased sex drive or the cramping that I normally get, which leads me to believe that I did not ovulate.  Is this even possible?  I did experience some cramping on the 26th so I guess I could have ovulated really early, but I also didn't have the increased sex drive, so I'm not convinced that I did then.  Also, if I had ovulated then, I would expect (based upon my normal cycles) to be bleeding by now, or at least spotting.

I know that sickness can delay it, but if I expected to ovulate on Tuesday the 28th or Wednesday the 29th and only started to feel slightly ill on the morning of the 28th, would that be too late to delay it?  Will I even ovulate at all now?  If I don't, will I still get a period?

Honestly, I'm convincing myself that I'm pregnant.  My fiance and I have been sexually active (including when I am ovulating), although in addition to the IUD, he has been pulling out.  I feel more hungry lately, and also more tired (although that part might be partially because I've been sick).  Also, when I first got off the pills, I seemed to lose a little bit of weight, but now my pants seem tight again.

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