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Pregnant, no HPV, still abnormal pap?

22 year old healthy female. I have Kaiser.

Two weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, in the very very early stages. I came in for birth control and left finding out I was with child. Because I am what my doctors have referred to as "barely pregnant" I had to have 3 follow-up appointments to confirm that the pregnancy is healthy and that regular abortion methods will suffice. My appointment with "termination services" is tomorrow, although I think it's just for another check-up and to schedule the actual appointment for termination.

This has been difficult enough, especially because of how dragged-out the whole process has been. Then I got a call today saying that I had an abnormal pap-smear. I turned up negative for HPV (although I know I have been exposed to it before) and the cells are beneign. They want to do a biopsy anyway. I asked the nurse on the phone what could have caused this, and she said "poor diet and lifestyle". Well, F U nurse, because I my diet is very clean and I don't touch drugs or cigarettes. I get plenty of sleep. I did have sex the day before the pap smear though, and I hear that sex can cause murky results.

My questions are - what are my rights with all of this? I feel so clueless.
I have been extremely stressed out due to my housing situation (which was filled with mold)  and I recently lost my car. My job requires a lot of driving and  I've been making less money as a result. I'm depressed because of all my issues compounding. Could my unhealthy living situation - not lifestyle - have contributed to the abnormal results?

&  upon doing some more research on the internet, it seems like many doctors do not take the biopsy route. Do I have to get the biopsy... couldn't I just request another pap smear & only proceed with the biopsy if the second one comes back abnormal?  I am wondering this especially, since the nurse on the phone explained that it wasn't serious.

Having a biopsy, no matter how minor, is just so much for me to comprehend right now because I also have a surgical abortion to worry about. I've never gotten an abortion before and I have no idea what to expect in terms of recovery time and all that.

Any input on abortion or abnormal paps or dealing with both at the same time would be appreciated, thanks :(
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