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Yeastie Beastie suppository questions and more

Please excuse the rambling, incoherent post, VP-ers, I'm not used to yeast infections and this one's turning bad and I can actually feel it affecting my mental state. Ugh.

How long approximately do the 1-day vaginal suppositories take to dissolve approximately? I've been battling a nasty yeast infection which is very rare for me but I tried one dose of a 2% antifungal OTC cream solution last week after probiotic pills and lots of yogurt eating did nothing like it normally does when I feel one may be coming. I wish I could tell you how much I *$*@)(!*# hate sleeping in underwear, wearing pads/pantyliners, and feeling that crap drip out of me all night and the next day. So after that didn't work (tried it Thursday and it felt like it was getting better but yesterday it definitely came back) I decided that if I was going to have to have some nastiness up my vagooj that I'd take the super-megadose in hopes of killing it dead and I'm hoping the suppository is less messy. Just wondering how messy it gets though and when you start to notice it drip out of you? One hour? Two hours? 6 hours? 12 hours? I typically take the cream right before bed and notice that it drips a little out in the morning with my first urination but gets really bad mid-morning and early afternoon at work. I'm assuming the suppository basically turns to a cream at some point and becomes just as messy, there's just less? Desperately hoping that it'll be marginally more comfortable than the other kind and hoping it will obliterate the damn infection especially since I shelled out quite a bit for the one-dose version. Any anecdotes for what to expect with this version though? It's my first time and I'd love to know what I'm in for and figure out when to put it in so as to minimize gooshy vag falls (like Niagra Falls but creamier...) times at work tomorrow.

I originally tried 1/3 of a 3 day dose (the 2% cream I mentioned before) because a co-worker told me several years ago when I had a rare yeast infection that turned into HELL and she said rather than spend lots of money on a 1 day version, get a 3 or 7 day version since these are the same amount of medicine just more of them, so you're paying less for more. Well, I must've really been going bonkers on that last one because I definitely noticed today that while 3 and 7 day regimens seem to have the same amount of active ingrediants it is NOT the same as the one-day. Also wondering if anyone knows the big difference between the Miconazole and the other medications on the market? I went with the Miconzale one at 1200mg, but am curious if there's any data on increased efficacy of the other version (sorry, can't remember the name) or just a premium on a patented name? it was a good $5 more than the version I got.

I would definitely be tempted to try the garlic trick but I work at a job where I'm up close with a lot of clients in sales and I don't think I could be smelling of garlic if it's very intense. How long do you typically find you have to leave the garlic inside? And how bad is the smell? Typically when I have a really heavily garlic lunch or dinner I notice my breath definitely smells and sometimes my body too for at least a few hours. How severe is the smell for you? Breath would probably be ok and covered up relatively well with gum/mints, but don't think I could be reeking all over of garlic for a day or more. Which is too bad, because I adore garlic and personally wouldn't mind smelling of it for eternity.

Ok. I think that's all my questions. Seriously hoping to be done with this fast. Ugh.
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