new___noise (new___noise) wrote in vaginapagina,

microgestin fe 1 20 vs junel fe 1 20

So I refilled my hbc at a different pharmacy and they gave me microgestin fe 1 20 instead of my usual junel fe 1 20. i was given microgestin when i first started my hbc, but i moved and have been getting junel a my new pharmacy ever since. i know they are basically the same, the same active ingredient, but has anyone who has taken one and then the other noticed a difference in side effects / one being better than the other?

also--my hbc and my ssri (zoloft) have caused some weight gain. if i dont take the sugar pills (i usually do just because...) would that have any significant effect? is that a silly question? haha..either way..any tips for slimming down from hbc? anything to avoid?

thanks in advance
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