Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie

Featured posts, magical meta mega Mondays, and so on!

Hi superstars!

As you may know, VP is teaming up with LJ to become a super community! As part of that, we are getting a shiny new layout soon, and that layout has a space for highlighting featured posts.

We'd like to have special posts every Monday that will reside in the "featured posts" spot, things like discussions, essays, giveaways, and whatever else we think our members might enjoy. These special posts will be made by guest posters whenever we can manage it, and sometimes by maintainers too. We're especially interested in reaching out more to people of color, people with disabilities, those who identify as genderqueer or trans*, and other marginalized groups as we search for guest authors. We hope these posts will help to expand our discussions, engage less-represented points-of-view, and diversify our membership.

We also see it a a way for us to give back to the community. Usually the maintainer team doesn't provide content; we moderate content created by members. This, along with the links round-up we've been posting every week, is a way to increase the quality of VP and broaden what we do.

We are interested in hearing any feedback or ideas you have about any of this! We're unsure what we want to call this whole Monday deal, but we think it needs a catchy name: any ideas? What would you like to see maintainers posting about? What would be your idea of a super cool giveaway? What are some less frequently discussed topics that you'd like to see us engaging? Also, I know we have raised the idea of guest posters before, but if anyone has any suggestions about who we should approach, please let us know. The floor is open, and we'll be bumping this post later in the week. Happy magical meta mega MMMMonday!
Tags: featured-posts, mmmmonday
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