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First hand advice please (birth control methods)

Hi superstars.  I am 30, CIS female, no pregnancys.  I am on Lutera BC pills, and have been for 10+ years. No issues except mild nausea some days after my pill.  I am engaged, june wedding to the love of my life, and we both do not want children-ever. Kudos to those that do, but its not for us.  Anyway, my fiance` is researching vasectomies, but with the wedding money is an issue.  I get free birthcontrol services.  I really want essure or more accuratly the silocone one (concerned for nickle allergy).  My gyno does do them, but im afraid she wont due to my age ect...I have an appointment for the near future anyway.  If she declines to do that procedure or even an IUD, I am thinking [lanned parenthood.

so, any experiance with planned parenthood?

any experiance with implanon? good/bad/ugly?


Essure or the silicone one?

advice to get my gyno to do an IUD?

Thanks in advance!
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