Nina (technicolornina) wrote in vaginapagina,

Breast zit/abscess/thing?

Hi y'all, I'm Nina from Arizona here with a question my mom kind of brushed off but that has me rather worried:

I'm 23 and a size 40E breast. Because my "little girls" (haha, right) are natural, I'm also rather heavy-breasted, and because bras don't do diddly for me anyway I tend to go "au naturel" at home.

About two weeks ago, I found something on my right breast, just below the aureola, in fact so close that at first I thought it was a regular old nipple-bump that might have gotten an ingrown hair or something. Instead it turned out to be something resembling a zit, except that zits, even ripe ones, don't pop this easily--I pushed it to one side to examine, and bam, bloody pus. I decided as long as it was open I might as well drain it, so I squeezed it gently, in the process removing a "core" very similar to a regular whitehead you might get on your face, except about a quarter of an inch long.

The "zit" healed readily, and I forgot about it until two days ago when I rolled over in bed and my hand bumped against my breast. Even though the "zit" is on the inside-underside of my breast and I bumped the outside, it HURT! I flipped on the light, examined my breast, and hello, there was the zit in the exact same place it had been before, and again at the slightest touch it broke open. This time it came with a lot of blood, a sort of fragmented core, and a little watery stuff. I didn't notice it most of yesterday, when I put a bandage over it to prevent it rubbing against my bra (it bled a drop or two again when touched after I woke up), but today it itches like crazy. I took off the fresh band-aid because there are some bandage adhesives I'm allergic to and replaced it with a square of folded toilet paper, but while that stopped the itch for awhile, it came back only a couple of hours later--even though I've washed.

The skin in the area looks a little like it might be lightly scarred, but it's hard to say for sure. The only other time I've encountered something like this was several winters ago, when I developed a small (think "size of the head of a pin") abscess in my left breast for reasons I never discovered but suspected were related to wool-induced sweat, and in that case it was persistent enough that the campus clinic decided to just cut to the chase and give me antibiotics. In that case, I was left with a small, open hole until the antibiotics kicked in and my breast healed; in this case, the point of egress seems to have scabbed over, but apparently didn't heal the first time the way I thought it did, since I had to drain it again. Should I be concerned about this similar-but-not-the-same thing on my right breast?

ETA: After making this post last night, I found a second spot on my right breast. This one is on the underside, where my breast lays against my torso, and when I finally heated a pin and poked it to see why I had this dark purple spot in my skin, a bunch of blood came out--enough that after draining, the skin was actually sunken in where the spot . . . actually still is (albeit smaller), but it hurt too badly to keep trying. Now I'm wondering if the two are related and if I picked up some kind of infection in my breast.
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