FUCKING ZUBAT (finding_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Thrush or just irritation?

Hi, ladies,

I'm currently on antibiotics for an ear infection, and have been for the past two weeks. In the past three days, my labia have been itchy. It's mostly between the majora and minora. On the day I developed it, I was wearing a pair of a panties where the crotch was a lot smaller than I'm used to, and it kept scratching against me in that particular area. At the time I figured it was just that, and it possibly caused some minor scratches, but it's been three days now and it hasn't stopped.

I've never had thrush before- and I've previously been on hardcore antibiotics for six months, so I'd be surprised if these mild pills caused me to develop my first case- and so far my only 'symptom' is an itchy fanny. I have no unusual discharge, and no smell. Just an itchy vag. Should I go to the pharmacy tomorrow and grab myself some cream (I worked in pharmacy for three years and kind of got known as the yeast cream girl because I was so unafraid to say vagina/penis/anus around the customers and talk about discharge without blushing) just in case?

Alternatively, if I have gone and accidentally cut myself whilst digging around, is it safe to put a mild antiseptic on my pink bits or should I just keep my hand out of my pants?

Note- I'm certain it's not an STD. I've been with the same man for three years and neither of us have one. Obviously if this doesn't clear up, I'll go back to my doctor.
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