fakeredbangs (fakeredbangs) wrote in vaginapagina,

ugh, really annoyed. Help?

 I finally found a doctor to see me and that i could afford, after almost 2 years. He wont write me a perception for my yasmin birth control packs. His exact words where " use condoms if you are going to have sex". 

First off, i don't use my BCP for birthconrol. I use them to help keep my face clear and help regulate and lesson the symptoms my period. I asked him how am i going to treat those issues and he brushed it off. 

Now my main reason for seeing him was because of my Lupus and the extreme amount of pain i have been in with limbs swelling, joint stiffness and missing work.  

Now his claim about taking me off BCP says that in combination with my Lupus, its going to kill me but i thought that was proven untrue years ago.

Can anyone show me any resent articles that say one way or another on the BCP issue and lupus. 

Also in case i can't get my BCP- help on how to deal with hormonal cystic acne?
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