Neffiline (neffiline) wrote in vaginapagina,

What are the chances?


I've been on Alesse for 6 years now. I've never had problems with it.

Last Friday I was meant to start a new pack of pills (I had my periods from Feb 20th to 23rd, very light but normal). I forgot to take my 1st pill on Friday night so I took it right away on Saturday morning around 8h30 when I realized. Then I took my 2nd pill on Saturday night at 9pm as my normal schedule. I haven't missed a pill this week, always at 9pm.

Last night (Thursday March 1st) I had unprotected sex. It was with my boyfriend, we usually always use condoms as added protection. In the heat of the moment yesterday, we didn't.

Only this morning, did it hit me that I'd taken my very 1st pill of my new pack 12 hours late.

What are the chances I could get pregnant from this?

It's happened before that I forgot pills but it was well over 7 days in my pack. It's happened before that I had unprotected sex and I've never been pregnant or had any kind of scare.

Guess I'm just looking for re-assurance? Thanks!
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