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Pelvic Pain

Hi lovely Vag enthusiasts!

I am seeing my gynecologist on Monday but I wanted to ask a question about pelvic pain for those who have any experience with it. I can always look on a website, but I'd rather get real experience than information.

I am having pelvic pain recently. It's on the same side and the same pain every time. It's random and started a week ago. It's mixed between a dull/sharp pain, and it's sudden and very intense on the right side. It's not near the appendix; more towards where lady parts would be, and I am having regular bowel movements.
What kinds of things stem from pelvic pain?
I've never experienced this before outside of menstrual cramps, and those are different.
Have you ever had similar pain?
What did you find out?

Edit: I am not anywhere near my period. I am on the pill, but it has never ever caused me problems before. Been on the same medication for years. Nothing super new such as any changes in sexual activity or stress, really. No change in diet, either.

It's just a bit unsettling and was wondering if any of you have any information!
Thanks :3
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