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New Pain in Clitoris When Masturbating

Hello, everyone! I have been watching this community and I have to say it is one of the best informational sites on the web, so I thought I would ask my question to all you knowledgeable VP members.

I have just finished my period and started on birth control, and since yesterday was the first day without bleeding/spotting I decided to give myself a little 'attention' last night. When I first started masturbating years ago I only ever touched my clit, but over the years I have graduated to using my fingers to masturbate and penetrate inside myself. I've discovered I can come from both types of stimulation either singularly or combined, but last night I noticed something strange happened. I had two fingers inserted into myself and decided I hadn't given my clit enough lovin' as of late, so I reached down to tease my clitoris while I was stimulating myself internally. When I used to masturbate with my fingers only on my clit I could handle direct stimuli right on top of my clit and didn't feel as if it was too much, but last night as I started to rub my clit it felt really overly sensitive to the point where it hurt. It was actually ruining my ability to reach orgasm so I backed off and just started rubbing around my clit, then once I felt on the brink of orgasm I rubbed on top of it and it didn't seem to hurt. But then afterward as I was getting ready for bed I noticed it felt irritated and like I'd used too much force, though I was being abnormally gentle for myself because I'd just experienced pain.

So, my question is has anyone else ever experienced pain while touching their clit after their period? Can you still be 'sensitive' down there a day or a few days after your period? Or could it possibly be because I hadn't masturbated by stimulating my clit for a while (a few months at least)? Has anyone had their sensitivities change even after they've been masturbating for a while? I just went to see my gyno (when he put me on birth control for heavy periods), so I wanted to exhaust other resources before I go back to him about this. Could it be because of the birth control, or does that not have anything to do with sensitivity in your vagina?

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