norrlandstjej (norrlandstjej) wrote in vaginapagina,

Taking Yasmin before period comes

Hi everyone,

I just got a prescription for Yasmin today. And I was being stupid so stupid that I took it today instead of waiting for my period to come.

But then I realized that... my period was probably never going to come as it was supposed to (around 8th of March).... because on Sunday (Feb 26th) I took an emergency pill (some kind of levenorgestrel). I think that kind of puts my hormone cycle a little out of whack?

Anyway... On Friday (March 3rd) I am going to see my boyfriend again. I was wondering if I continue taking the pills am I going to be protected? Or do I have to wait for another week or until whenever after my period comes before it is safe to have unprotected sex?

Help please?
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