x_transform_x (x_transform_x) wrote in vaginapagina,

Long period?

(Edit: I'm not on birth control.)
(Edit again: Already took pregnancy tests, too - all clear there.)


I missed my period two months in a row, so I was all happy when I got it this month. I haven't really been keeping track of time because, well... I'm bad with that. I'm the kind of person who never knows what day of the week it is, or how much time has gone past since something happened. But I'm starting to feel like this period is unusually long.

My normal periods are one day light, then maybe 3-4 days heavy then a few days light brown trickle til it disappears.

This one... the 20th I had very light spotting one time, wiped and there was a little pink on the paper. The 21st there was nothing, no period at all. I don't remember the 22nd, I wanna say it was also nothing. I think my period started on the 23rd. But I don't remember for sure, it may have been the 22nd or 24th... Also, it was light for the first few days, I wanna say 2-3 days.

So I'm guessing that'd mean it just went heavy on like the 26th or so. Which I guess isn't so bad cuz then today would only be the 3rd heavy day. It just feels like it's been forever because of the slow start.

Anyways, how long is too long? Is there a date that I should say "if my period doesn't stop by [x] day I have to see a doctor?" Is it just normal that this one's longer because of my 2 missed months?

Also, like we have parsley tea and such to encourage a period to start... is there anything I should/could do if it gets to that point to encourage it to stop?
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