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Ok, first time poster here and I recently went on birth control pills and Im just looking for some advice from those who have been taking birth control for awhile now. My question is....is there a possibility that I might actually be pregnant or is it just the pills kicking in.

Ok my very last normal period was on 1/10/12 and my boyfriend and I have been very sexually active since november of 2011. Anyways, I went to planned parenthood for birth control and they prescribed me lutera and they told me that it was best to start as soon as possible, so I did. I started taking them the very first sunday on 1/29/12. So since then ive been taking them every single day and at the exact same time ever since I started. And just last week (2/19/12 - 2/25/12) I started my very first placebo week and I didnt get my period like I was supposed to. Is this normal or is that the birth control failed on me and am pregnant?

*no other method of birth control was used prior to me taking the pill. My boyfriend always pulls out and its always worked for us but this time, I have a feeling it didnt work and that I am pregnant. Ive also been having all the symptoms associated with the pill, ive been having naseaua and cramping but I dont know whether its associated to the pill or pregnancy symptoms.
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