tamberly (tamberly) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control

firstly thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, i got my period a couple of days ago so i am definitely not pregnant!

i have another question, but this time related to birth control. right now i take cerazette (POP) and i still get regular periods. in the past i took yasmin (combination) which gave me horrible side effects but i could stop my period by going straight onto the next pack which was a blessing.

i suffer from horrible cramps with my period, regardless of being on the pill. i also bleed quite heavy and am bedridden for 2-3 days during each of my periods. along with the cramps and heavy bleeding i get severe diarrhea (i suffer from IBS and my periods make it so much worse)
next month i am due my period the day before i am going to a concert with my boyfriend. i was wondering if it would be safe/work if i took yasmin for the week prior to my period, would it stop my period from it coming or even delay it?
i have my period right now and this morning i had a tampon in AND a pad on, but it still leaked through and onto my legs and leggings. luckily i was at home!

i just really dont want to miss this concert and if i had my period and still went to the concert, i would feel so miserable and probably end up in the bathroom every 5 minutes!
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