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Pain on Period

So, it's the first day of my period and I took midol for my cramps. After the pills took care of the cramps, I still had pain. Not in the area where I typically feel cramps though (lower tummy). I have pain in my actual vagina, as in, inside the actual hole itself. There's also pain on the outside of my vafina like in the urethra area. It feels sort of like a uti. except it doesn't actually hurt to pee. it's a sharp pain.

I feel like having a tampon in makes it hurt worse but I really thinks thats more psychological. The pain so significant I'm sweating and I really can't focus on much else. I took a cystex half an hour ago to hopefully numb something, anything, everything. I don't know what else to do.

This has never happened when I'm not on my period. It has happened when I was on my period before but it wasn't quite this bad. Before it would last a day (all damn day) and then the next day it might hurt a little in the morning and then ease off. But again the pain wasn't this distracting.

So, vag hurts, a lot. I'm on the first day of my period. Midol didn't fix it. Cystex doesn't appear to be helping. Other than spending all day in the shower or hunting down some legit painkillers, is there anything I can do to make it stop?

Please and thank you :)
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