Cathulu (bloobottle) wrote in vaginapagina,

PMS, IUD and supplements

Hi there!

I've read past entries on this topic but thought I'd come here for specific wisdom in my case.

About two days after I ovulate, my mood crashes and it becomes very hard to not have every small thing irritate the shit out of me. I'm prone to worry excessively, which I don't do usually and isn't healthy considering I'm a grad student with the accompanying money worries and very sick family members. So, this mood goes on for a week, I have a week off and then period happens and I'm the same for that week too.

I intend to start taking Evening Primrose Oil and a Vitamin B complex as I have had them recommended to me before by doctors when I went in to see about this some years ago (in addition keeping my blood sugar up and exercise).

Is there anything else recommended for hormone related moods?

I've also read Vitamin E recommended for the heavy periods associated with IUDs. Do I need to take it all month in order for it to be effective? I'm assuming yes, but I can't find anything anywhere that specifies.

Thanks in advance!
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