bethany_109 (bethany_109) wrote in vaginapagina,

Thoughts on Stacking

Hi friends,

I have a trip coming up in 2 months and need to either delay or induce my period before then. I am on Microgestin and stacking seems like the obvious choice, but I'm scared. Last year I experienced a lot of weight gain and severe bloating, and I think it might be related to stacking. For me, "stacking" meant that I would take an extra week of pills from my "backup pack" and then have my placebo week, followed by a full pack of pills. So it would be 4 weeks of active pills before the placebo week, instead of 3 weeks of active pills. The most I ever stacked was a week and I only did it when really necessary.Still, it seems like stacking was when the weight gain and stretch marks really appeared, not to mention the mood swings!

Has anyone else noticed that side effects get worse with stacking?
I've worked very hard to lose my HBC weight and can't afford to gain any back from hormonal overdosing.
The other disadvantage of stacking would be that I'd have PMS during the trip (I'll be with in-laws).

Is there a better option? Maybe I could start the placebo week early. Would I get my period early? I'd obviously have to use condoms for awhile... not sure how that would work exactly.

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