blaquin (blaquin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed pill and thrown up pill, pregnancy risk?

Hi all,

Normally I start my pack on Fridays, but this Friday I was out of town and forgot to put a new pack in my bag, so I missed the first pill. I took one as soon as I was home the next day (yesterday) at noon. I took my next pill later that evening, but I cannot remember whether it was at 10:30pm as normal or whether it was later. That night I had sex with my boyfriend, and around 2am I threw up from bad fish I had had for dinner. I completely forgot about the consequences it might have on the absorption of pill, and only just took today's (at midnight).

Since I missed my first pill, threw up after my second pill and did not immediately take another one, does anyone know my chances of pregnancy from yesterday's sex? I will use a condom for the next week, but don't know whether I have already put myself at risk.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)
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