for emily, wherever, whenever i shall find her (tornattheelbo) wrote in vaginapagina,
for emily, wherever, whenever i shall find her

copious discharge?

So on Friday I may have had a combination of a mild virus + mild food poisoning which = me, doubled over the toilet all Friday night. Saturday was a little diarrhea and fever and mostly just TIRED. I slept most of the day, but got up to paint miniatures with my family for a little bit and noticed that my ladybits were a bit pungent.

This morning (Sunday) I woke up and did my normal morning pee and went to wipe to be greeted with LOTS of thick, white discharge. No itching, and maybe a little bit of discomfort upon inserting a finger.

My first thought was maybe yeast infection... but... I'm not really sure on this one. Any Ideas?
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