joospjos (joospjos) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello, superstars~
I need some advice regarding Yasmin 28. I started taking them for the first time 3 weeks ago (I haven't been on any HBC before). The folder said to take them on the first day of my period (making it effective from day 1). If started at any other date, it would be effective after a week, but could potentially make the menstrual cycle out of sync. My period was supposed to have started 4 weeks ago, but when it didn't show up after a few days, I figured it might skip a month (not uncommon for me, my gynaecologist says it's probably stress related), so I started a package. My period showed up 5 days or so later, and didn't disappear completely until a couple of days ago (making it last longer than usual). This means that in a couple of days, I'm supposed to start on the white pills for my "withdrawal bleed", but my period just ended. Should I start a new package instead and take the active pills until my next cycle is supposed to start, or should I continue with my current package and take the white pills?

Thanks for any advice!
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