Procrastinator Extraordinaire (nightmer) wrote in vaginapagina,
Procrastinator Extraordinaire

I Gave Myself Herpes?

Sorry for the probably simple questions, but I keep finding conflicting information and my brain is fried from Googling.

I've had cold sores since childhood (presumably HSV-1) but haven't had a sore show up in a good 7-8 years.  Unfortunately, a small one showed up last week and I didn't really notice and probably touched it without thinking.

Yesterday a bump showed up on my labia.  White, kind of like an un-pop-able pimple, and with a similar sting to a cold sore.  Looks like herpes to me, unfortunately.  Just to make sure, it is possible for me to give it to myself, correct?  I wouldn't have antibodies or anything? I could easily have been exposed to dormant herpes in the past but it's been several years since I last had a "risky" partner (current partner hadn't had sex before me and has never had cold sores).  The timing makes me assume it's related to the cold sore, but it's still strange to me that this could happen.

I will need to have the bump tested for virus while it's active, since a blood test would be inconclusive because of the oral herpes, right?

I know it's rarer for HSV-1 to cause genital herpes, but possible.  Are there any differences in symptoms or treatments for -1 versus -2?
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