Sara (fantomatiquevie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control Issue

Hello! This problem is really specific, so hopefully someone can enlighten me. I am currently on Nortrel (generic for Modicon) bcp. I realized today that I totally forgot to pick up my prescription on Monday (2/20) which is also the day I start using it. Basically, I'm supposed to be on my third pill today (2/22). How do I take these pills to catch up? Is it two today (Wednesday) and two tomorrow? Also, I started my placebo pills last Monday (2/13) and started my period on Wednesday, and had unprotected sex on Friday or Saturday (can't remember which one) but have not had unprotected sex since then. Am I okay, since I was on my period and had not started BC? Thanks for all the help, I totally freak out when it comes to the idea of being pregnant!
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