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STI Testing Advice

Hi everyone,

I've been essentially sexually active for five years, but I've never gotten STI testing. I've thought about doing it a few times, but never got the courage to do it. I've started considering it more seriously for a few reasons.

Most immediately, I had vaginal intercourse today with Partner A who has a penis which is closer to the larger side of the spectrum I've experienced. He was penetrating me from behind, and I felt this sort of dull pain above my pubic bone when we were at certain angles. I had experienced this before with Partner A, and I have not experienced this with Partner B who is not as large. I'm a bit paranoid that this could mean some sort of STI. I don't want to Google / WebMD it, because, in my experience, that has always made me a lot more freaked out than necessary. Secondly, I just started having sex with Parter B whose sexual history I don't know as well as my previous partners, so I feel like it'd just be a good idea. Thirdly, Partner A's ex-girlfriend did have HPV. He says that as soon as he found out, he went to the clinic at my school and they told him that there was no way of knowing if he was a carrier, but abstaining from sex for some time would help the chances that he would not pass it on. I always assumed that I was fine, but now I'm having second thoughts. Lastly, I've always had a problem with yeast infections, and I've always been paranoid that this was a symptom of some greater problem. He's also in the Marine Corps, and whatever they've tested him for (I'm not sure what) has been negative.

The problem is that I am in college, and I'm still dependent on my conservative parents. While they may be aware on some level that I'm not abstinent, I am not comfortable at all with them knowing for certain that I'm not. However, I cannot afford the tests myself, so I would need to get them done under my parents' insurance (BCBS IL). I'd feel most comfortable getting the testing done at my school's clinic. My school says this about the bill, "Students with private insurance can choose to pay cash at the time of visit or have the fee charged to their tuition bill with the notation "Health Service charge." An itemized bill is sent directly to the student, which can be sent for insurance reimbursement." I've had other sorts of health testing done without much question from my parents when they see it on the bill, but I feel like this charge will be higher than those I've had in the past (which are rare) and will cause them to raise their eyebrows. Also, I know that I can call BCBS IL to see if they'll cover the testing, but does anybody happen to know what they cover? I have the Blue Edge PPO. 

I'm 21, so I should probably get a pap smear anyway (right?), so I can just go under the guise of that. On the other hands, my parents aren't unaware of how much that kind of thing should cost, I'm sure, so they'll know that it's not just a pap smear on my bill.

Comments? Advice? I know I'm not the only one, because it seems like STIs and conservative parent worries are a hot topic today on this community. Thanks!
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