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Vulvodynia or possible STD?

Ok, the weekend before last. I ended up hooking up with this guy for the whole weekend (had sex around 7 times or more). He was *very* oral on everything south of the border. He unfortunately did things like "double-dip" both his fingers and his penis(with a condom)on multiple occasions (which turned him on). Once, we had very brief PIV sex without the condom. He didn't cum but he did cum beforehand (which means he probably had cum in the shaft. I wasn't really thinking about pregnancy issues because I am on Nuvaring.) Everytime, afterwards I washed with Ivory soap on the outside. Of course I didn't think about the insides.

Flash-forward to this past week. Itching kinda crept up on me, nothing around my urethra, just an itching/burning sensation coming from the opening from the vagina itself. The vulva was extremely itchy, and I have been having a slight period discharge. Since I've been on Nuva Ring for the past year I have been period/discharge-free. My vaginal fluid feels like instant glue, really sticky and tacky. So, I douched with ACV dilution and it started to feel ok. I did this for 2 days, and woke up last night at 3 in the morning with an incredible itching sensation, and my Nuva Ring felt really uncomfortable. I took it out with some instant relief.

Of course, today was the day I was taking my dog to get fixed, and the itching was TERRIBLE again. It feels like internal Poison Ivy. I am not having urination pain, and I tried the garlic cloves below to treat it. It seemed to help with some of the itching. The reason I ask if it's an STD is I gave him a lot of oral, which he didn't cum in my throat, but my throat isn't sore. If it were an STD wouldn't I have sore throat issues as well? I never had Vulvadynia before, so does this sound more like that, or should I go and see if I have an STD? I have no bumps, lumps, or any other issues. Thank you in advance!
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