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abnormal bleeding

I've been battling this relative problem for the last several years. I have several days in between my cycle where I spot. This can range from pink to full on blood. I'm 36, have two children, eat well, exercise and drinks lots of water. I've been taking Sprintec low dose since June 2011. It seemed to be working and I was having no spotting for a few months. Until recently, now I spot again between days 9-12 of my cycle and sometimes from day 22 on till the end and I start my period. Sometimes I bleed with sex, although it clears quickly there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. I'm going to the doctor this week, but wondered if any other woman experiences something like this. I've been tested for STD's and came back clean, plus I'm in a monogamous relationship. Any advice helps. Thanks.
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