dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

So Much Bloating! (Endo? Gluten? Que Pasa? )

Hey everybody!  A recent post about a reader's swollen stomach ( is making me question what is wrong with my own tummy. Over the course of my roughly 28-day menstrual cycle, my abdomen swells considerably and then drops again in size.  I go up a bra band size (36 DD to 38DD) and up a size in pants. My breasts get a bit bigger, but my stomach swells pretty much from under my breasts down to my hip bones. The swelling starts roughly 12 to 14 days after my period ends and then relents a day or two before my next period starts. 

I've started following a gluten-free, relatively low-carb diet for the past month.  Without gluten, I've noticed that my bloating is less pronounced (yay!).  However, it still happens.  In addition, I experience constipation for a week prior to my period, and then...BAM!  Diarrhea! I try to treat the bloating with gentle diuretic teas (Natural Medicinals 'Weight-Less' is great).  They make me more comfortable, but they don't prevent the bloating / constipation cycle. 

Does anybody have any suggestions about what's causing this bloating, and how I might go about further reducing it? I think that endo is sometimes accompanied by this kind of cyclical bloating, but I might be wrong and I'm keen for ideas on how to fix it.  Thank you! 
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