Sophie (luinecu) wrote in vaginapagina,

Non-hormonal/copper IUDs & increased bleeding/cramps

Hi all!

I've not had the best luck with hormonal contraception over the last 4 years (I'm 22, started at 18), issues being mood swings (including violence!), anxiety and panic attacks, and chronic UTIs (from taking cerazette, brought on by dryness I've since found out). So now I'm 100% convinced hormones just aren't for me.

I'm now 6 months hormonal contraception free (other than a 'morning after' due to a split condom), and have a regular 32 day cycle where I bleed for 8 days at a time, 2 of which I would say were heavy bleeding days (changing my mooncup every 3-4 hours) often clotting, and where I have cramps bad enough to wake me up in the night. I'm in a heterosexual monogamous relationship and am nulliparous.

I've heard a lot about non-hormonal IUDs causing increased bleeding and cramping, but my doctor informed me this might be because many women go straight from hormonal methods to the copper coil and don't necessarily know what a normal period is.

Would anyone care to share their experiences, please?

Did you need to get the IUD removed because of pain/excess bleeding?
If you experienced this did it eventually settle down (& how long)?
Did you come away no worse off then before?

I don't know, after dealing with bi-monthly UTIs I'm sure nothing can be worse, but I'm a bit scared of having someone put something in my body I can't remove myself! Also pain sucks. But so does pregnancy right now.

Thanks everyone! x

Edit to add...
List of oral contraceptives I've tried:
- Mercilon
- Cilest
- Microgynon
- Yasmin
- Cerazette
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